Noche de Rabanos--Night of the Radishes--12/23/05

Once again, the Zocalo is packed with thousands and thousands of people eager to see Oaxaca's famous carved radishes. Three sides of the Zocalo are lined by booths displaying scenes made entirely of carved giant radishes, grown specially for the occasion; or of corn husks, or of flor inmortal, dried flowers. Many of the displays feature religious themes, such as nativity scenes or church processions, but others depict other aspects of Oaxacan life, for example beautifully dressed Tehuanas, women from Tehauntepec, open-air markets, wedding celebrations, mezcal-making, etc. Some are breathtaking, obviously the work of talented artists, others are whimsical, touching, or sometimes just interesting pieces of craftmanship. But the whole experience--the evanescent art, the vibrant colors, the traditional themes, and the crowds--are an amazing slice of life in Oaxaca.

Good vs. Evil--a priest vs. the Devil in cornhusks










(Right) The Apparition of the Virgin, in carved radishes

Scene from a jaripeo--rodeo--in dried flowers

An exquisite nativity scene from the 2005 Night of the Radishes

Noche de Rabanos--Night of the Radishes--2006

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